Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Modern Hindu's Perspective

My name is Yatri Trivedi, and this is my perspective as a modern Hindu.

Through this blog, I'll be discussing different aspects of Hinduism as they pertain to modern society. I'll be attempting to figure out just what I believe in, why, and how I've come to believe that.

I believe that religions need to change in order to keep up to date with modern perspectives and beliefs. Hinduism is a very old religion and has many different movements and sects, not to mention atheist schools of thought and a rich heterodoxy. My opinions on change and food for thought will be here. I hope that I can help provide some direction for other people in my position, regardless of whether or not they are Hindu, of Indian descent, or have an interest in Indic theology or philosophy.

I've studied various religious traditions for years, and I just received my B.A. in Religion from Rutgers University. In addition to lay religious practice, I will also be citing influences and ideology from traditional philosophical schools and other movements, such as Jainism and Buddhism, that are considered heterodoxy. You may also see Sanskrit terms pop up from time to time, and while my background in Sanskrit is less than fluent, I am actually studying it and I intend to use what I know.

This blog came about because my other attempt at blogging went on a hiatus. I haven't posted here since January, mainly because my mind has been on more concretely religious ideas. This blog is my attempt to catalog that aspect of me without interfering with what I have going on over there. In case you were wondering, my other blog is The Technological Monk. Feel free to check that out as well as, or instead of, this blog.

Here goes nothing.

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